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Canadian Cannabis Market

My thoughts are voiced pretty well and clear on Instagram & Twitter but I wanted to bring my straight up and no BS approach to a blog about Canadian cannabis, extracts, edibles, CBD, etc. What we have seen so far is lackluster cannabis from LPs, and continued improvements in craft cannabis. And while mentioning that lets make it clear LPs can add craft to whatever name or lineup they have and true consumers know its not.  Its like Molson & Budweiser calling them selves craft beer, we all know that's a lie. Craft cannabis is provided by growers who care about their flower, put love into it, aren't on commercial scale grows, they are essentially family run or mom & pop operations compared to the LPs.

What I have tried and seen from the LPs is lacking obvious terpenes, cannabinoids, bad trim, bad flush or no flush, burning black or poorly, and having no taste, or much smell. Cannabis sold to consumers in the recreational stores has been dry, old & at times tainted.